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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Under the Sea Day "65"

Today was the first day since I set the puzzle back up, that I got to actually put in few pieces.  We no longer have family in town, so I'll be back to working on regularly.  Today I focused on the open water areas near the top and got a good bit done.

This weekend we also assembled a bookcase with doors for my office/puzzle room where I'm now storing my sorting bins when I'm not using the.  That will keep them away from the cats. :)

We got the garage in the new house neatened up so that we can finally park our cars in it.  We're supposed to get an ice storm night/tomorrow, so that gave us an extra incentive to get it done.

Ravensburger Under the Sea - 5000 pieces
Started 8/10/14
Sort time: 5 hours, 56 minutes
Assembly time: 60 hours, 25 minutes

Ravensburger Under the Sea 5000 piece jigsaw puzzle