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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Under the Sea Day "50"

We have been getting settled in our new house, and my new office/puzzle room is coming along well.  I have my new puzzle tables set up.  I use 2' x 4' adjustable height folding tables.  I have four of them, but I'm just using three right now to create a 4' x 6' puzzle area.

I reset the days counter to 50, because moving counts, right?  :)  I've gotten the puzzle unboxed and reassembled, but I haven't actually put in new pieces yet.  Things will probably go slowly until after the first week of January due to family in town.  We were supposed to have family members staying with us today, but many of them have the flu and/or bronchitis.  So far we have avoided the plague.

Ravensburger Under the Sea - 5000 pieces
Started 8/10/14
Sort time: 5 hours, 56 minutes
Assembly time: 51 hours, 54 minutes

Ravensburger Under the Sea 5000 piece jigsaw puzzle