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Friday, January 24, 2014

First Post!

Hi everyone, this is my first post.  After a hiatus for a few years, I've gotten back into doing jigsaw puzzles.  So far this month I've done a 750 piece Times Square Panorama and 1000 piece Disney photomosaic both by Buffalo Games, and 1000 piece Monsoon Madness by Majestic Puzzles.  I've also started on Lightnight Striking Tree by Eurographics which I picked up at a local toy shop the other day.

My first time gluing a puzzle was with the Times Square one.  I used Masterpieces glue, which comes with a plastic card-like applicator instead of a brush, which was nice.  I may have used too much as the next morning I found that it had curled up at the edges.  When I was applying it, I thought I hadn't applied enough around the edges originally, so I added more.  In hindsight I guess I should have done 2 thinner coats.  I've ordered SunsOut glue since everyone raves about how nice it is and how it goes on white and dries clear.  It's been sitting with some heavy books on top of it and it's finally almost totally flat.

Times Square jigsaw puzzle by Buffalo Games

The Disney photomosaic was fun to do and it features images from many of my favorite childhood movies, including The Lion King and Aladdin.  The black areas were the hardest, as you can imagine.  I will definitely be gluing this one.

A Disney Photomosaic jigsaw puzzle of Mickey Mouse

A Disney Photomosaic jigsaw puzzle of Mickey Mouse close-up 1

A Disney Photomosaic jigsaw puzzle of Mickey Mouse close-up 2

Monsoon Madness was interesting to do because of the irregularly shaped pieces.  This one has contact paper on the back right now until I decide if I want to glue it.

A jigsaw puzzle of the desert